Introducing RINGO-TEX!



What is RINGO-TEX?


RINGO-TEX is vegan leather made from apples.

Reuse apple waste from apple products made in Aomori.



RINGO-TEX Material


apple residue

Upcycling the apple residue from the apple products for disposal.





New drying technology


Apple residue from processed apple products are incinerated, emitting carbon dioxide. Since one of appcycle’s missions is to create a sustainable future using eco-friendly products, we are trying to reduce CO2 emissions and polyurethane usage compared to other vegan leathers production processes. appcyle is adopting a new drying technology that emits as little CO2 as possible when drying the apple residues used in creating the product.



Upcoming Products


We would like to continue product development with universities—such as blending apple residue and biomaterials which are more environmentally friendly—and develop products that are more biodegradable in the future.

We look forward to collaborating with likeminded companies.


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