Beyond Leather: 3 Reasons to Embrace Leather Alternatives

Beyond Leather: 3 Reasons to Embrace Leather Alternatives

Leather alternatives, which are leathers made from materials other than animal skin, have become increasingly common on the marketplace. The materials used for each product vary widely from synthetic materials to apple waste, just like our own leather alternative RINGO-TEX.

But these leather alternatives are not just a passing trend! More expensive materials like leather are no longer the only option, especially with the innovations of materials and textile manufacturers. That’s why today, we’re giving you 3 reasons to embrace the emergence of leather alternatives. Read on to learn why!

Leather Alternatives are made without animal skin

The first and probably most obvious reason to choose leather alternatives is because most of them don’t contain animal skin. Depending on your lifestyle choices or your religious beliefs, you may not be able to purchase leather products because of them. 

Leather alternatives are a way for people to enjoy leather bags, shoes, and accessories without having to go against their principles.

Leather Alternatives are more eco-friendly

Secondly, leather alternatives cause a lot less strain on the environment. Genuine leather has been criticised for its impact on the environment for multiple reasons. Firstly, genuine leather takes a large amount of resources to produce including land, water, and feed for the livestock. The livestock also contributes to the carbon emissions related to the production of leather. Also, the tanning process used when making leather includes chemicals like chromium, which can damage the environment if it is not managed properly. The process itself also produces a lot of waste, which is definitely not good for the environment.

On the other hand, leather alternatives like RINGO-TEX are the exact opposite. Most leather alternatives do not need an overwhelming amount of resources, whether they be synthetic or made from bio materials. This means less carbon emissions, and also less waste. RINGO-TEX even reduces waste since it is made with the byproduct made from processing apples, helping to reduce food loss. Also, most alternatives do not need the same level of chemical treatment for the materials, making them less damaging to the environment.

Leather Alternatives can be more accessible and affordable

Lastly, leather alternatives have made leather goods more affordable. Although there are definitely high-end offerings made from leather alternatives, most brands and manufacturers also offer more accessible price tags. 

RINGO-TEX, for example, is available in a wide range of products ensuring that everyone can have their own goods for the price tag they can afford. Gone are the days where leather is gate-kept behind expensive price points!


While some of the new things that emerge in the fashion industry can be brushed off as mere trends, it is safe to say that with its lucrativeness and innovation, leather alternatives are here to stay. Which reason convinced you the most? Try out a leather alternative for yourself by purchasing a RINGO-TEX product, or learn more about us on this website. And don’t forget to check out our official Instagram page to be updated on our newest products and announcements!