Sustainably Stylish! How to be Fashionable with Sustainability

Sustainably Stylish! How to be Fashionable with Sustainability

These days, environmental issues are becoming a larger part of our consciousness, with the conversation shifting to things like our clothing and fashion consumption. But although the condition of the planet is an alarming topic, many people probably wonder the best way to still participate in fashion without contributing to environmental damage.

Luckily, there are many ways that you can stay stylish while also staying sustainable. Here are 3 ways you can stay fashionable while also helping the planet!

Take Better Care of Your Clothes

The truth of the matter is the most sustainable thing you can do is to consume less. This means buying a smaller amount of new things to ensure you also waste less. One way to still stay stylish while also purchasing less is to simply take better care of your clothes. 

Clothes that have been chosen intentionally and are kept in good condition will always look better than clothes that were merely an impulse buy. Also, by being intentional with your clothing choices, you can also be more intentional in your styling since you will only purchase clothes that you know you can wear for a long time. Take care of your clothes better by learning the proper way to clean them and mending any damage as soon as possible.

Buy Second Hand

One sustainable habit that has become more popular in recent years is second hand shopping, also known as thrifting. Second hand clothes can be bought in a variety of places, from charity shops to consignment stores to garage sales. 

Second hand shopping is a great way to avoid contributing to more textile and clothing waste because you can save old clothing pieces from simply becoming garbage. But by far the best benefit of it, outside of its sustainability, is the fact that you can get more unique clothing pieces when buying second hand. This is because everything is in a limited quantity. You’re not only more eco-friendly, your style also becomes more unique!

Purchase from Sustainable Brands

Of course, there are moments when you’re looking for something very specific to elevate your look. Maybe you’re looking for a new bag or a nice hat to go with your thrifted outfit. When it comes to buying brand new, it’s best to purchase from brands which are known for their care and concern for the environment. 

Research the brands that you buy from to ensure that their production practices do not harm the environment. Some products, like our RINGO-TEX apple leather, are actually made with sustainability in mind and are produced with waste materials like discarded apples and apple skins. You can even purchase your own RINGO-TEX x What is Heart apple leather goods like hats and bags online. By buying these items, you not only look more stylish, but even your purchases can be guilt-free


Being stylish while being kind to the environment might seem impossible, but with some effort you can definitely do both. Learn more about sustainability, fashion, and eco-friendly brands like RINGO-TEX in our other articles here. And don’t forget to follow our official Instagram page to keep updated on our events and announcements!