From Bin to Bag: 3 Types of Leather Alternatives!

From Bin to Bag: 3 Types of Leather Alternatives!

Microfiber Leather

Microfibre leather is another popular type of synthetic leather alternative. While it can also be made from the aforementioned PU, some types are made from nylon. Well-known due to its uniquely soft and water-resistant properties, microfiber leather is made from ultra-thin synthetic fibres which are the reason for its namesake. Additionally, microfiber leather has been recognised for its higher breathability and flexibility than its PU and PVC leather counterparts. However, it is slightly more expensive than PVC/PU leather and due to its use of mostly synthetic materials, it is also not the most eco-friendly option.

Bio Leather

Finally, there is bio leather otherwise known as plant leather which is made from plant-based sources. Bio leather can be made from all sorts of biodegradable plant materials from pineapples to mushrooms. Our product, RINGO-TEX, for example is an apple based leather, made from the remnants of apples processed for juices and other products. Bio leathers are touted as the most sustainable and eco-friendly of the leather alternatives due to its lack of petroleum-based materials and its less resource-heavy production process. This makes bio leathers like RINGO-TEX durable enough to use in accessories and apparel while still being less damaging to the environment. 



Although leather alternatives are not equal, whether it be in their sustainability or lessened damage to the environment, the shift towards these alternatives is certainly a step in the right direction. Would you consider buying a microfibre leather bag? How about trying out a RINGO-TEX apple leather cap? 


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