Green Beginnings: 3 Realistic Resolutions for an Eco-Friendly New Year


As the year wraps up, everyone is once again participating in the yearly tradition of deciding on a New Year’s resolution. For some people, their resolution might involve bettering themselves personally for their health or career. For some, resolutions can involve lifestyle changes to create better habits.


If you’re still lost on what to do for your New Year, why not try bettering yourself by being kinder to the environment? Here are 3 resolutions you can commit to for the environment!


Ditch Fast Fashion for Sustainable Styles



One major contributor to your carbon footprint is your shopping behaviour. For most people, purchasing from fast fashion brands is almost inevitable. It’s cheap, trendy, and you can find it anywhere. However, without proper consideration for where these clothing pieces come from, you may be accidentally contributing to unethical and environmentally damaging businesses.


Thankfully, you can be more sustainable by committing to purchasing from brands that are known to be sustainable and kind to the environment. Look at local boutiques and see where they source their pieces from, or you can go thrift shopping instead of buying brand new. If you want to avoid buying items made from animal materials, you can also purchase non-animal based alternatives like RINGO-TEX products!


Embrace Sustainable Commuting



You can easily commit to making your town or city more green by embracing commuting too. Cars that run on fossil fuels made up 48% of all carbon emissions in 2022 globally. That’s almost half of the global rate! 


Unlike private vehicles like cars, which can only carry a small group at a time and emit more CO2 per trip, public transportation and commuting contribute a lot less. Taking the bus means less trips on private vehicles, which will effectively lower your carbon footprint. You can also use commuting as a way to achieve your fitness resolutions! Incorporate walking or riding a bike and you won’t only get fitter, you’ll be doing your part in protecting the environment too!


Eat Green for a Greener Planet



Lastly, you can lower your carbon emissions by making more eco-conscious food decisions. While some people may be able to forego meat and animal products completely, see how you can change your diet in sustainable but realistic ways!


You can commit to this resolution by trying to eat more veggie-focused meals throughout the week, or by trying meat alternatives every once in a while. If meat alternatives aren’t your thing, you can also reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing your ingredients from local grocers and farmers!





We hope that these 3 suggestions help you out in finding an eco-friendly resolution to commit to in the coming new year! Remember not to be too hard on yourself in achieving these goals though. After all, they are meant to be better for you but they should also be something you can do realistically.


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