Vegan Leather— Is vegan leather better for the environment? Here’s Everything You Should Know

Vegan Leather— Is vegan leather better for the environment? Here’s Everything You Should Know

Sustainability is becoming a key issue in the fashion industry. More and more people are looking for eco-friendly alternatives to traditional materials that have been shown to have a detrimental impact on the planet and humanity’s well-being. Vegan leather is one of the options that has changed the face of fashion, offering consumers greener options without compromising on style or quality.



There are some commonly held misconceptions about vegan leather. Such as “It doesn’t look good.” “It doesn’t feel like real leather.” “It doesn’t last as long as real leather.” But it’s not true. According to the Vegan Review, many companies are beginning to use creative materials and techniques to prove that vegan leather can be as durable and luxurious as animal leather. Due to the benefits of using vegan leather, more plant-based materials are being created. The production process is ethical, and the future of vegan leather is looking bright.


Vegan leather is good for the environment!
  • PETA-approved vegan leather is 100% vegan, Vegan Leather is much more ecologically sustainable than animal leather since it doesn’t require the very carbon-heavy process of raising cows for raw materials. On top of this, Vegan Leather can be manufactured in a way that optimizes sustainability. As the research progresses, it is becoming easier to produce high quality faux leathers that are environmentally friendly.


  • Most importantly, if you pride yourself in being an ethical consumer, vegan leather uses significantly fewer natural resources than traditional leather. This means that it’s much better for the environment than animal leather.


  • This breathable, durable, and eco-friendly vegan leather has all sorts of uses. Most of the leather is treated with chromium, an extremely noxious chemical that works as a serious environmental pollutant. Apple leather is produced naturally, without the use of dangerous chemicals. 


Let’s say goodbye to animal leather for good!

Now that you know what vegan leather is and how it’s made, and whether it’s good for the environment or not. Let us discuss the environmental impact of vegan leather.


The truth is, some vegan leathers are eco-friendly and some are not.


First, let’s change the belief that animal leather is more durable than vegan leather. Some people consider animal leather to be environmentally friendly since it is durable and biodegradable. While this is true, the environmental costs of raising cattle and producing leather are far more detrimental to the environment than the production of vegan leathers.





The result is clear: Animal hides are worse for the environment than any other material, including vegan leather.


Plant-based vegan leather: The best choice for conscious consumers! This category includes all vegan leathers made from plant-based materials (apple, pineapple, cork, leaf leather, etc.).


First, the base material is natural and 100% biodegradable. This vegan leather has two different coatings, BOPP film, and polylactic acid. None of these coatings are perfect, but they are much less harmful to you and the environment. They do not release toxic chemicals and are even biodegradable.



We hope it is now clear to you that the future of vegan leather is a fully sustainable, earth-friendly, quality product.

The exciting thing is that apple based leather is already a good sustainable option that is constantly being improved.

We hope you are now equipped with the knowledge to make the best possible decision when purchasing new products.


In conclusion:

If you want to leave traditional leather, its animal cruelty, and its costly ecological footprint in the past, the exciting world of vegan leathers awaits you. 


Vegan leather does not use animal products and provides an ethical and sustainable alternative. Additionally, vegan leathers such as apple leather are a high quality material that come in all shades and colors. They can easily be tailored to various uses. 


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