appcycle: Pioneering a Greener Tomorrow with Apple Leather

appcycle: Pioneering a Greener Tomorrow with Apple Leather

Did you know that there’s more to our business than meets the eye? We are appcycle, inc. Today, we’re unveiling the heart behind our business and what pushes us to develop products and solutions to environmental damage through apple leather.

Where We Come From

appcycle is from a prefecture in Japan called Aomori. For many Japanese and foreign tourists, Aomori is best known for its Nebuta festivals in the summer, its abundance of excellent quality tuna, and of course, the best apples in Japan. 

However, despite the premium status of Aomori apples in Japan, tons and tons of them go to waste after being processed to make apple products like juices, jams, and the like. That’s where we step in.

Our Purpose

The name of our company gives away our mission. It is the combination of two words: apple and upcycle. Apple is an homage to the star product of our hometown, while upcycle refers to a type of recycling that turns waste into something completely brand new.

This ethos is manifested in our premier product RINGO-TEX. RINGO-TEX is an animal free leather alternative that we have developed to solve the issue of food waste in Aomori. Its name is composed of two words: ringo, meaning apple in Japanese, and tex for textile.

Through our research, we have developed a process that can take the discarded flesh and skin of processed apples and turn them into animal free leather. We hope to not only take on the challenge of helping the environment, but also to make leather goods accessible to people who no longer wish to use traditional leather items that are far more detrimental to the environment.

Looking towards the future, we also want to revitalise the businesses in Aomori by offering up our expertise to any locals who wish to optimise their operations. By doing this, we want to shine a spotlight on our hometown and introduce its greatness on the world stage.


Although our vision may seem to be a daunting one to accomplish, we are confident that through our efforts and your support, we can work toward making it a reality. 

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