Who is behind appcycle inc.?


If you’re reading this article, welcome! We are appcycle, inc. Although we are best known for our vegan apple leather RINGO-TEX, we’re also a group of passionate people who work towards giving you the best customer experience while also contributing to a more sustainable future.


We are a small start-up from Aomori with over 20 members who live all over Japan, including interns and pro bono employees. Get to know more about our company and our values ​​below!


Upcycling and Environmental Consciousness



Our company’s namemake is actually a combination of the words “apple” and “upcycle.” The apple portion of our name refers to our home prefecture’s most famous specialty as well as the primary component of our vegan leather. Meanwhile, the upcycle portion refers to the method of recycling which specifically involves turning old and unusable waste materials into new things with greater value. You can learn more about innovative ways to upcycle in our article here.


Our company name is not simply an homage to our vegan apple leather RINGO-TEX, but it is also representative of our company’s mission. First and foremost, we want to encourage everyday people to find ways to reduce waste and turn what would otherwise be garbage, into more beautiful and useful items. We make our vegan leather using apple waste in the hopes that our customers will rethink how they can transform their waste items as well. Through these efforts, we hope to promote attitudes of environmental consciousness.


Inclusivity and Diversity



As part of our vision of a progressive and sustainable society, we practice a culture of inclusivity and diversity in our workplace. Japan is known globally for its strict working culture as well as rigid social hierarchies inside and outside of the workplace. Although we are a proudly Japanese company, we also wish to change these less positive parts of our culture. 


We do this by using a flexible workplace model and striving for diversity. Although we are an Aomori-based company, we actually have workers all over Japan who are able to do their work from remote set-ups at home. We strengthen our workplace relationships by also celebrating together once in a while, like having a springtime hanami or flower-viewing picnic.


Additionally, we strive to have a diverse and accepting workplace. We have had interns and employees from outside Japan, including Indonesia, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. This is because we believe in the value of various perspectives and cultures.


Sustainable Farming and a Global Aomori



Aside from helping local farms and factories by helping manage their apple waste and finally turning it into RINGO-TEX, we also consult with them from time to time to support them with sustainable agricultural practices. 


We also try our best to showcase Aomori on the global stage. Aside from its apples, our home prefecture is home to many other local specialties such as garlic and tuna, as well as yearly cultural events. You can learn more about Aomori and its travel-worthy destinations here.





Through our actions, we wish to be a role model for communities around the world facing similar challenges. We hope that you have gotten to know us and our mission by reading this article. We sincerely hope to achieve a future where everyone shows care for the environment through each action, big or small. If you want to learn more about us and what you can do to make that vision a reality, check out the rest of our articles here. And don’t forget to check our official SNS accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.